Covid-19: how can the accountant help the client at this time?

Pandemic Covid-19 generates uncertainty and difficulties for all companies, and at the moment, entrepreneurs need all possible support to keep their company open and guarantee the employment of their employees. At a time like this, the accountant has the challenge of helping his clients to contain the financial and economy in their business. Thinking about it, we have separated some tips for you to help your clients in this delicate moment. And of course, don’t forget to use Income tax calculator to give better assistance to your client.

Understand each customer’s timing and problems

The moment calls for a lot of empathy and understanding of the situation of each client in the accounting office. Some companies are better than others, with enough cash flow for the next few months and others are not, so each customer is going through a moment and suffering some impact on their business. It is important to talk to your customers, be around virtually and try to help you.

Strengthen the disclosure of accounting advice

The moment calls for companies to be increasingly attentive to the future and to monitor the actions of customers, direct them and help them to implement containment measures in the company is a way of dealing with the crisis. With so many provisional measures, changes and possibilities to face the pandemic for companies, the entrepreneur, for sure, will need an accounting advisory. Therefore, strengthen the dissemination of this service. Remember that if your office exists it is because your client’s business is doing well, if your client’s company survives that moment your office will also prosper.

Offer a free consultation

At this moment, what the entrepreneur needs is to have a direction to follow, and with the help of a specialized consultancy he can help him in planning to get out of the crisis and overcome this moment. Your consultancy can contribute in the areas of financial, tax and tax management, social security and labor obligations, inventory management, costs, and much more. Your help can be everything your client can have at the moment and inspire you to grow and go through that moment in an easier way.

Focus on legislation and provisional measures

In this pandemic moment, the accountant’s work is essential for the continuity and survival of companies, jobs and income. The provisional measures developed by the Federal Government to face a pandemic must be carefully studied by the accountant to offer the best outlets for companies.

Strengthen your digital communication

If you still don’t have a website and / or blog, social networks and still don’t invest in content for your customers, this is the ideal time to start strengthening your digital communication. Increase the number of posts, develop newsletters to send to your customers, analyze the provisional measures, inform about the extension of obligations, all via the internet.

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Teresa G. Diggs Administrator
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