Four Advantages of Cryptocurrency ATMs

Since the turn of the century, perhaps no other technological creation has made as big of an introduction as cryptocurrency. Although it’s not close to being the primary global transaction method people thought it would be, it is slowly but surely becoming more readily available for everyday consumers. No need to look further than the hundreds of cryptocurrency platforms and ATMs available to back that statement up. Speaking of which, it’s hard not to bring up CoinFlip as one of the leaders in the cryptocurrency ATM realm. As a platform, it has made a name for itself with a focus on convenience and discretion with everyday buyers and sellers. To get a better idea as to how CoinFlip works, let’s take a closer look at its perks as well as some of the advantages of using cryptocurrency ATMs.

The Perks Of Using CoinFlip Cryptocurrency

Before getting into what makes CoinFlip a great bitcoin ATM option, let’s look at the leaders behind it that made it what it is today. For CoinFlip, most of its success can be credited to its CEO Daniel Polotsky. In an article on Daniel and the CoinFlip project, we come to learn that his approach to succeeding with CoinFlip stemmed from predicting the plans of the CoinFlip team. In other words, Daniel and his team looked into what the future of cryptocurrency could look like as a way to prepare for future problems today. This is a unique approach that is sure to keep CoinFlip as a leader in Cryptocurrency in the future. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using a cryptocurrency ATM such as CoinFlip.

The Advantages Of Using CoinFlip ATMs

#1: Ultra-Secure Transactions

The most notable advantage of using a cryptocurrency ATM is security. Unlike traditional ATMs that are susceptible to frauds, cryptocurrency ATMs don’t have this issue because they don’t use third-party interactions. Instead, all financial processes with a cryptocurrency ATM are made solely between the user and the ATM. Add in the ability for users to access these ATMs with full anonymity, cryptocurrency ATMs are virtually impenetrable.

#2: Fast Financial Processes

If you think traditional ATMs offer fast processes, they don’t compare to how fast cryptocurrency ATMs operate. They work in a matter of seconds compared to traditional ATMs which take at least several minutes to use depending on the transaction type. While different ATMs vary in terms of speed, a proven ATM such as CoinFlip can process commands in no longer than 20 seconds. With features such as quick-scan QR codes quick button commands, we can see how useful these ATMs can be when someone is in a hurry to make a transaction.

#3: User-Friendly Interface

Another advantage of cryptocurrency ATMs is user-friendly interfaces. Similarly to comparing the speeds of traditional machines versus cryptocurrency machines, the interface on virtually all cryptocurrency machines offer no more than a handful of options. This adds to the fast speeds that people benefit from when using these machines.

#4: Accurate Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Last but not least, cryptocurrency machines also provide accurate financial changes. What’s interesting is that inaccurate financial exchanges were thought to be the main downfall of cryptocurrency when it was first introduced. The reality of the situation is that cryptocurrency machines are just as accurate if not more so than traditional ATMs. 

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