Importance Of Interview Transcriptions At A Glance

Let’s start off with a general idea about what interview transcriptions really mean, shall we!? Well, interview transcription is the process of documenting interviews, word-for-word. The reference material could either be a recorded session or a live session.

Why is it important?

There are a lot of reasons why interview transcriptions are so important. Let us take a look at some of them in the following sections now, shall we!?

Research companies heavily rely on interview transcriptions

Companies associated with market research often hire firms that offer interview transcriptions and related services to transcribe important interviews. The reason is simple – reading information from a hard copy is easier than sifting through hours of audio or video data.

This saves a lot of time and since the market research sector moves pretty fast, time is money. Going for interview transcriptions is the way of a wise market research company.

It can act as reference material for HRs in the recruitment department

The primary clientele of a company that offers interview transcription and related services belong to the corporate sector. The HRs of top companies prefer to get the best interview sessions transcribed.

These transcribed interviews act as reference material for the HR who pick up certain facts from the transcriptions and use them to formulate questions for future interview sessions.

It is also used by researchers associated with the pharmaceutical sector

Big pharmaceutical companies take their time to launch a new vaccine or medicine in the market. They conduct countless tests and run thorough diagnostics to ensure their products are not only safe but effective as well. The research and test sessions are often recorded in order to document the progress.

These recordings are often transcribed and handed out to scientists as reading material. In case one scientist missed a critical piece of information, another one might pick it up and save the project from utter failure!

It has applications in the media industry as well

Whether it is a print media or digital media business, interview transcriptions are invaluable when firms like these want to circulate reading material, among their employees as reading material.

Interviews of celebrities, diplomats, politicians, and foreign delegates are transcribed word-for-word so that when a bulletin or an article is created based on the interview, mistakes are kept at bay.

Companies associated with the production, sales and distribution of home media rely on transcription services as well. Here, instead of an interview, the dialogues of an audio file or a video file are transcribed, word-for-word to make subtitles. Subtitles are beneficial for those who are hearing impaired. On top of that transcription services are invaluable, in terms of SEO, especially for businesses that are associated with video sharing services like Vimeo or YouTube.

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